Below is a list of services we offer. In addition, we offer topography, improvement stakeouts, easement drafting, slope analysis, and are able to customize a service to your survey requirements. It is best to provide a deed or title commitment for an accurate legal description to ensure the correct service is selected for your needs.

  •  Improvement Location Certificate (ILC): ILCs do NOT determine any boundaries. An ILC locates and measure all improvements on a property. Improvements include all structures such as a house, garage, etc., septic system, well, utilities, driveways, etc. If possible encroachments are suspected, they will be located and shown on the ILC along with a recommendation for a boundary survey. Typically, ILCs take about 1-1/2 to 2 weeks to complete dependent on the property.
  •  Land Survey Plat (LSP): A complete boundary survey to establish all property corners. With an LSP, all property corners are located and marked, and if need be, corners are set. Any possible encroachments will be located and displayed on the plat. We are also able to set Points-on-Line (POLs) to mark property lines. Typically LSPs, SPs, and ISPs take 1-2 months to complete dependant on the property.
  •  Survey Plat (SP): A partial boundary survey to establish a few, but not all property corners. A SP might be needed if you are building a fence, adding an improvement, or just want to know where one or two property lines are. One or more property corners in question are located and marked, and if need be, corners are set. POLs are also available.
  •  Improvement Survey Plat (ISP): An ISP is a combination of a LSP and ILC. All property corners are located, marked, and set. Also, all improvements are located and measured. ISPs are also the surveys performed for “Lot Consolidations.” As per our other services, if encroachments are suspected, they will be located and displayed on the plat.
Please Note: While we do our best to meet each and every price range given in our estimates, the prices listed are an estimate only. Our estimate is based upon our evaluation of the requirements necessary to complete the requested service(s) described above. This estimate does not include additional labor for added services not originally requested or agreed upon, nor for additional labor that may be required should unforeseen circumstances arise. Every effort will be made to keep the client aware of additional costs, especially if the estimate is near to being or has been exceeded.
For further questions about any of the above services or any other land survey questions, please contact us.